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We are not your typical Summer Camp or Youth Program!
 It's a future FORWARD and NOW type of experience...


We have an amazing line up of guest coaches including our Entrepreneur In Residence for 2022-2023:
Alexander Vorhamn! 






I am a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience, originating in the media sector (Ippen Publishing Group & Russmedia) and then as founder of numerous European and US companies, including Hackabu, 360 Lab SF, Alita Ventures, Vordermann EU and US, and most recently 8 Strains. My true passion is as an investor and mentor, including with Manos Accelerator and time spent as a judge for various Startup Competitions and Demo Days, especially those focusing on the success of diverse founders.

 In 2016, I founded Vordermann, a successful boutique growth marketing and business strategy firm with a proven track record of propelling the growth of a variety of companies in Europe and Vienna and as of 2020 here in the US. Then in 2017 and 2018, I co-founded and successfully exited Hackabu, one of the largest growth hacking firms in Europe. From this I went onto be President of 360 Lab San Francisco, creating one of the most vibrant co-working and event spaces in the Bay Area. 360Lab was an innovative concept that blended co-working and mentorship, while acting as a bridge for startups, corporates and investors from Europe, Africa, LATAM and Asia to Silicon Valley.


One of my greatest joys has been as investor and co-founder of Alita Ventures, a diversity-centric holding company investing in and empowering the success of women and diverse founders globally.


During each session you will work with a cohort of your peers in an agile, fast-paced, experiential environment that represents the types of work culture, personal life challenges and business environments you will encounter in the very near future and real world today. You will have the opportunity to find a team of Co-Founders to launch a business idea with, or start your own based on your interest. You will learn skills and tools that help you to figure out what career path you'd like to pursue and gain the creative confidence to create one from scratch if you don't find what works for you! We have prizes and exciting challenges throughout each session. Each session is different where you will be facing new challenges with an entirely different group of peers, or not. Feel free to Invite your friends to attend your next session with you to compete, launch an idea or future proof career!

Summer Semester Experience: a two week immersive Youth Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summer Camp session that runs Monday-Friday 9am-3pm. Before and after care are available for in person sessions. Youth may register for multiple sessions during this Summer Semester Experience. Grades 6th-12th are eligible. 

Fall Semester Experience: a hybrid eight-week Youth Start Up & Future of Work Incubator session. A hybrid model meeting virtually bi-weekly on Saturday's from 11am-2pm and once per week for 1 hour during the off week. Youth come to further experiment and develop out their businesses or start up ideas, as well as begin experimentation with their curated career tracks through innovation projects with top local companies and start ups. Grades 6th-12th are eligible.


Spring Semester Experience: a one week immersive Youth Business & Future of Work Accelerator session during your child's spring break week. This session operates Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. Youth will have one week to grow or scale their businesses to secure and Investorship (seed funding) or Innovationship (curated internship for their self designed career track). Grades 6th-12th are eligible. 


          CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator Cohort/Cluster Structure:

  • Tween CEO's (grades 6th-8Th)  Tween CEO sessions run for two weeks in duration at a time. Tween and Teen CEO's are mixed in the same cohort, however we do assign youth to clusters which they remain in during the experience for instructional time and other activities where maturity could impact the outcome or effectiveness. Youth will be encouraged and have the opportunity to mix with other grade clusters for their Start Up teams. This is more reflective of the real world environment to allow youth to collaborate with one another based on their talents and skill set as opposed to their age or grade level. The future of talent and innovation is fluid! You may enroll in several sessions during the Summer Semester. Tween CEO's earn two credits towards our exclusive Youth P.I.E.S. Certification. 

  • Teen CEO's (grades 9th-12th) Teen CEO sessions run for two weeks in duration at a time. You may enroll in several sessions during the Summer Semester. Teen CEO's earn three credits towards our exclusive Junior P.I.E.S. Certification. 

In teams, you’ll gain valuable, insightful and transferable experiences while you iterate disruptive and creative solutions to problems that startups, freelancers, and businesses face each day. This personal & professional transformational experience will build your creative confidence, make you an agent of innovation, and give you the most relevant and innovative tools to use as you design the future work, business and life you want.

Youth P.I.E.S Certification

"Personal Innovation and Entrepreneurial Economy S.T.E.A.M." (P.I.E.S.)


The Youth P.I.E.S. Certification is available to youth who become members of the CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator pipeline. Membership can be obtained by completing at least one of our sessions and signing the family membership agreement after your child's first experience. The Certification a deeply engaging, innovative and iterative training toolbox that we implement throughout our immersive experiences during the Spring, Summer and Fall sessions as well as other special member only events throughout the year. 


The training will allow your child to build and flex their innovation muscles while they build a toolbox of S.T.E.A.M. confidence and entrepreneurial soft skills and tools that will help them to be prepared for the future of work. It is a training that has been well vetted and acknowledged by some of the top innovative companies, start ups and entrepreneurial leaders in the world, including Google, AT&T and Delta. The training immerses youth in situations where they are faced with real current business problems and are challenged to develop creative and original solutions that will help existing Start Ups and Corporate Brands.

The Youth P.I.E.S. Certification is achieved after youth have earned 12 credits through the CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator Pipeline by completing sessions. Sessions are offered during the Spring, Summer and Fall semester with Summer being our Flagship Semester offering several sessions during that period. Youth can earn credits at their own pace while completing their academic during the Fall and Spring or attending one or several sessions during the Summer. 

Tween CEO's Earn (grades 6th-8th): 2 credits per session experience

Teen CEO's Earn (grades 9th-12th): 3 credits per session experience

Once the student has earned the certificate, they will be eligible for exclusive opportunities like our innovationships and investorships where they are paired individually with top global companies, startup founders, or small businesses in the local community.

The Youth P.I.E.S. Certification will:

  • Provide a global learning experience with simultaneous sessions occurring throughout the United States as well as in China, Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

  • Guide students in uncovering their Personal Value Proposition.

  • Teach students to identify opportunities and succeed in today’s fluid environment.

  • Coach them through becoming an agent of innovation.


Our participants experience:

  • Entrepreneurship Exposure: Creating scalable businesses models and understanding what it means to be

the founder of a company and/or member of a Start Up team.

  • Intrapreneurship Exposure: Diving into innovative and experiential problem solving with existing companies.

  • Personal Development: building self and creative confidence while developing their unique value and  personal brand. Youth learn to create opportunities for themselves and gain a competitive advantage over their peers.

  • Wealth Building Mindset: wealth health, financial literacy, digital economic opportunities, investments.

  • Globalization: international trade, social equity, social impact, connectography, glocalization

  • Social Innovation: human centered design for equity and impact

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