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Please See Below for COVID-19 Safety Measures.

We are taking extra precautions to provide a safe and healthy physical camp experience for our youth. All sessions are limited to 25 students. We will be following the most up to date CDC Guidelines on social distancing during the physical sessions. All youth and adults present will be required to wear mask at all times. We will be checking temperatures for all youth and adults each morning and after lunch. All surfaces will be sanitized in the morning and during lunch break. All parents will be notified immediately if there is a positive case. Youth will have the opportunity to attend the session virtually if they are feeling under the weather. We will also have the capability and capacity to adapt the entire session virtually if there is a case or  during your child's session. 

We are hoping to have a safe, healthy and fun experience!




Each sessions tuition fee can vary by location and semester experience, however, most of our virtual sessions are $500 and up per week. Tuition for physical sessions are $800 and up per week. Tuition for virtual sessions are $500 and up per week.  Although we are a highly sought after Global Youth Innovation & Leadership program, we strive to continue offering reasonable industry standard Summer Camp rates so that all hard working families can prepare their children for the future of work, by taking advantage of our youth pipeline training program & experience. We are proud to say that even with our international growth we remain a high quality experience and the most competitively priced program of this type on the market. We offer a uniquely blended and curated experience for youth that you will not find anyplace else!

Please check the locations page for accurate rates at your nearest location.


Refund Policy:

If you cancel before May 1st you will receive a half tuition refund. 

There will be no refunds after May 1st. If you need to cancel due to Covid-19 related issues or concerns, you will receive a full credit voucher to register your child for any one of our sessions through Fall 2023. You have the option to pay a half tuition deposit to reserve your child's space before April 15th. The tuition balance will be due on or before May 1. We will send you an electronic invoice to satisfy your balance. If the balance is not paid by May 1 your child's registration will be cancelled, your deposit paid is non refundable. 



Our experiences typically run Monday through Friday between 9am and 3pm daily for the Summer Experience. Times may vary based on location; please check your site location for accurate information. We do offer before and after care which can be added on at anytime during or after registration.If you would like to add after registration please contact us at Fall and Spring Semester Sessions are part virtual and in person. In person sessions during the semester take place Bi-Weekly on Saturday's from 9am-1pm and once per week virtually via video conference. Youth can elect to enroll in one or both Spring and Fall Sessions as well as enroll in several Summer Sessions if they desire.



Every team member that works with our youth participants are Certified "PRENEURology" Facilitation Coaches(PFC's) and go through a rigorous certification training prior to working with our youth. Our coaches vary in age, with all being at least 22 years of age. They are fully qualified for their role at the CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator. Our PCF's have versatile business, personal and educational backgrounds. We also utilize University Students from the host school to enhance the immersive college like experience for our youth. We seek PCF's who are the CEO of their lives and are real life creatives, innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and Techie's, who also have a passion for empowering youth to reach their full potential through tech, innovation & entrepreneurship.


All PCF's go through a rigorous yet creative screening process and must pass a criminal and sexual abuse background check before interacting with our organization and especially our precious youth participants. We also reserve the right and do randomly re-screen PCF's during program sessions for an added level of security and peace of mind for our youth and parents. Parents will be introduced to their child's PCF's first virtually in our Electronic Welcome Packages as well as during our Live Webinar scheduled one week before your child's session start date. This is where you can speak directly to coaches and have the opportunity to ask questions and share as much or as little about your child to their PCF team to help us better customize their experience. Each site has a lead PCF/Site Manager who will be your point of contact (POC) during your child's experience. 

All Preneurology Facilitation Coaches (P.F.C.'s) are trained with 40+ hours of immersive application of relevant and proven models utilized in our training, as well as our own Preneurology Methodology. All P.C.F. teams have combined expertise and background in Lean Methodology, Agile, Design Thinking, Life Coaching and have each at some point launched a Start-Up or are active entrepreneurs themselves. 


Each P.C.F. has 3+ years experience engaging within the Innovation & Entrepreneurial Community. We do have some P.C.F.'s with experience in the S.T.E.A.M. educational field, however they strictly focus on the content and learning component of each program experience and support with application components during training. Each of these P.C.F.'s must have 2+ years exposure and/or engagement within the innovation & entrepreneurial community. 



Due to food allergies, we do not provide lunch for youth participants. Youth participants may bring their own lunch each day. With special permission, students may bring money to purchase lunch at one of the many restaurants located right outside of our doors on each campus or facility depending on their locations. Youth who do not have permission to lunch alone are required to bring lunch and stay inside with staff members supervised for the duration of the lunch break.



Safety is the number one priority for all of us at CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator. We are proud to say that during the 13+ years the Youth IncYOUbator has existed, we’ve had no instances where safety has been an issue for either staff or youth participants. We provide a thorough training for our staff and each PCF has to sign a code of conduct for both our organization and many times the hosting location. At each session we always have at least two staff members that are First Aid and CPR certified.Our staff also receives sensitivity training to better serve our youth who may require a little more TLC, whether they are shy, anxious or need a little extra support from coaches to warm up to the experience.

When on college campuses youth are required to remain with their PCF's at all times and are closely monitored. The only time youth are able to go to lunch alone, work in outside campus areas or travel on campus alone is if the parent has signed and returned our Travel and Lunch Liability Waiver. Many parents do choose to sign the waiver to allow their child to have an enhanced immersive experience with some independence as they explore what college life would be like. We support parents regardless of their decision, it is truly based on your individual child and their maturity level. Parents must sign student in and out of the program each day if a travel waiver is not on file. 


Each year we have a limited number of need-based scholarship vouchers (for students on reduced or free lunch) courtesy of our corporate and innovation partners, which is not limited to, but may cover up to half of your child's tuition fee for one session. If you qualify and wish to register your child, please email your proof of reduced or free lunch to our enrollment team ( along with your child's name, desired session and location. If there are scholarships vouchers remaining, one of our enrollment & registration team members will contact within 48 hours with the amount of scholarship you've been awarded, registration link and your scholarship code to enter online during registration to redeem your voucher. The child's name on the registration form must match the name on the proof of reduced or free lunch. 

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