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The Incubator is the second phase of the CEO of My Life program, focussing on long-term professional development and giving you the training, resources and contacts needed to gain a foothold in industry and develop a new and groundbreaking business idea. We believe in students using STEM learning – science, technology, engineering and math – to become a part of the global start-up community.


In order to develop you into a well-rounded, synergised, multi-talented and future-proof innovator, we emphasise four tenets of entrepreneurial learning at this phase:




If you seek to start a business, this is the track for you. You will learn what it means to develop and run your own company, and we will provide you with the opportunity to work in tandem with local start-up communities on projects that will enable your personal development and could pave the way to launching a full startup yourself.




This track offers professional career development to enable you to take leadership roles within any structure or organisation and enable you to cultivate the soft skills you need like communication and organization.


This will enable you to plan your day-to-day work and teach you to come up with creative solutions to everyday problems. Lateral thinking is key in business – this is where you’ll be taught how to approach it.


Science, technology, engineering and math are central to the best creative solutions. We’ll help you develop essential skills including thinking skills, problem solving and collaboration.


Taking the idea you came up with in the Innovation Academy, you will be given a year to take your idea through the IncYoubator, whether on your own or with a team, and get the full support and the full resources you need to make it a success.

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